An extremely Thankful customer from Electronic City Bangalore – You Guys ROCK!!!!

Dear Estorewale and APC
I am really thankful with the support and speed which took today to deliver APC UPS. I tried many third party websites and their delivery time is by June 2020. You are the only company / outlet / webplatform which helped me to deliver the product in 5 hrs.
Words cannot praise your team efforts during this lockdown (COVID19) and on top Curfew and Saturday. Your all devoted your time by leaving your family and stayed to support a customer who ordered a product by today Noon. Please PAT yourself for your help here.
I really got amazed on how coordinated you all were in delivering the product with in 5 hrs, thats outstanding. I am not worried about the delay that took for 1 hour, that was rightly addressed by the gentle man (+8884448844) he called and mentioned about the unexpected climatic condition which prevailed in protecting the device from harsh rain. Finally the person called me to check if I got the ordered delivered (+918147676831). Delivery person (+919845371243). Also the whatsapp response I got today morning in getting the right product for me (+9740726590).
Above will never be possible with out your efforts and to sum up I am extremely satisfied with the first impression. I will ensure all my further UPS and my friends be using APC.
Heartfelt Gratitude and Thanks to all the people who worked in the background in making me get UPS with in 5 solid hrs, this I will never forget.
Product is in immaculate condition and I am able to get the required software online to make changes to the sound. I would have gone to the wrong selection today morning if I failed to contact whatapp person. He/She guided me to choose the right UPS which suits my requirement.