One Year Extended Warranty on APC Back-UPS

One Year Extended Warranty on APC Back-UPS 

One Year Free Extended Warranty  for APC UPS

APC by SE provides the expertise, services, and support for all Back-UPS sold by with a unique and extended warranty support to customers with effect from 4th  July  2020. Our services offer a smart way to protect your equipment, ensuring that your system is always operating at peak performance, thereby prolonging its lifespan together we can develop a solution to maximize system availability, increase efficiency, and meet your budget.  You will receive the 3rd year Extended warranty certificate within 30 days of the order placed. We share only the softcopy to the registered email id.  Please note our GST Invoice might show like two years standard warranty, but this extended warranty certificate issued by Schneider Electric will be entitled for the 3rd year warranty.

(1) Yr Service Upgrade to 3rd Year (RTB) Warranty

  • 6 x 12 Service – Return to Service Center Options ( 6 Days in a week X 8 Hours/ Day)                          

If you are like most businesses, you want your systems up and running during your busiest hours. In order to accommodate your busy schedule,  offers an option to schedule services off hours. We will work with you to find a time when servicing your system is least likely to impact your productivity, saving your business time and money.

  • Experienced Certified Field Service Engineer                                                                                  

Our factory-trained Field Service Engineers are rigorously trained and tested on how to efficiently service our products, as well as on safety practices and electrical codes, offering our customers the highest level of service available in the industry today.

  • Flexible Service Scheduling                                                                                                         

Flexible service scheduling options available to meet your business requirements

  • Functional verification                                                                                                                    

During each Preventive Maintenance (if opted) visit, our Certified Field Service Engineers will run tests to verify your system is functioning correctly in all operational modes, stopping problems before they start.

  • What is Included?

Unlimited No# of Onsite Visits, All spares excluding battery, Service charges are included in the 3rd year extended warranty.

  • What is not included?

a. Battery,

b. physical or liquid damages,

c. burns of PCB or the burning of internal components.

d. Extended Warranty voids if the product is handled by 3rd party service provider, Unauthorised Service providers.

e. Extend warranty is considered as void if the product is not used with the recommended RBC battery.  An extended warranty may not be applicable to the products where the 3rd party batteries are used.

  • How to get the service?                                                                                                                 

During the first 2 years standard warranty, the buyer may call APC Support on 1800-103-0011 or 1800-425-4272 and log the complaint. So that it will be attended at your doorsteps within 48 Hrs by the nearest service center. Alternatively, you may also send the mail with all details to indiainfo @ by giving complete details of your issues, contact details, address, product model no and sl. no.  along with the purchase invoice.

When there is an issue after the standard 2 years warranty period (During 3rd year Extended Warranty period),  extended warranty works similar to under warranty process. You can continue to call the same nos. for logging the complaint and share the mail to indiainfo @ but do not forget to mention the extended warranty certificate no#.

  • What is the Document Required to get Free extended support?

The customer needs to provide the purchase invoice provided with the product and sl. no.  mentioned on it and the extended warranty certificate no#. which will be sent to you within 30 days of receipt of your order.