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 Best UPS Systems for Gaming

Imagine that you’re playing your favorite video game and you’ve reached a certain level in it. You’re in the middle of playing it and screen goes blank, the power goes out and all your progress has been unsaved and now you’re going to have to start from the beginning. This is probably one of the worst things to experience as a gamer and we don’t want you to ever go through this. Choosing a solid UPS System to back up your game can give you a seamless gaming experience even in the case of a power outage.

Uninterruptible power supply systems can keep your systems running for a temporary amount of time. Some run for 5-10 mins while others can support your systems for hours. Depending on whether you want to simply save your game progress and shut down or continue playing for longer periods of time, we have the perfect solution for you at APC, who has been protecting gamers for over 30 years. Take some time to read through the list and pick the one that seems best fitting to your needs.

Before we get to the list, there are a few factors to consider before buying a UPS System for your perfect gaming experience:

  • Back-up time – The duration for which you want your system to be supported after power failure is very important when it comes to choosing your UPS System. If you just want enough time to save game progress and shut down your system then going for a UPS System with lower battery back- up time would be enough while if you want to play for a longer time after power failure then a UPS System with higher battery back-up time is necessary.
  • Ports – Multiple ports will give you the option to connect various electronic devices to the UPS System. We recommend UPS Systems with a minimum of 7 ports to ensure a flawless gaming experience.
  • Surge Protection – Surge protection is the second level protection in the UPS that protects your equipment from damage due to unregulated current. Surge protection is one of the main functions of a UPS System and you need to pick one which steps down high voltage and steps up low voltage and regulates current at safe levels.  Though one should never rely on just UPS for surge protection. To ensure maximum protection, one should make use of combination of both UPS and Surge Protector.
  • Power output capacity – Power output corresponds to maximum load that can be obtained from a UPS, whereas battery capacity is the amount of charge that can be stored by the battery. Hence it is important to always choose the UPS System that can take the load of your gaming equipment.
  • Alarm – Audible alarms will alert you when the utility power supply is cut off and will also show how much battery time is left.

Considering all these factors, we have made a list of diverse options of UPS Systems for your benefit:

1. APC 1500VA UPS – BR1500G

APC Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 1500VA | 3 Year Warranty on UPS | APC 1.5KVA UPS

APC BR1500G has a power output capacity of 865W and is the perfect solution when you want to play for a while even after power supply has failed. It has a battery back-up time of 30 – 45 minutes, an efficiency of 85% at full load. The LCD graphic display shows real-time status of the UPS battery status.  It not only provides flawless protection of your computer system but also provides uninterrupted data protection in all your devices like your WiFi router.  A supplemental external battery pack (part #BR24BPG) that is sold separately can increase battery time during power outages to an hour or more.  With premium power surge protection, long battery life and high power output capacity, APC BR1500G is the best UPS System you can buy to support

2. APC 1000VA UPS – BR1000G

APC Back-UPS 1000VA Without Battery with Selectable Charger | 1000VA UPS

APC BR1000G provides uninterrupted power back up to all your devices ranging from computers to external hard-disks, including your wireless router which makes it possible for you to remain connected to the network and your IoT devices at all times, especially when you need it the most. APC BR1000G has enough and more battery run-time for you to save all your work and shut down, while ensuring no loss of data or interruption in your power supply. Its intelligent battery management system maximizes battery performance, life and reliability through brilliant, precision charging. Its input voltage range is 88 – 148V and its output power capacity of 600W. It has a total of 8 power outlets

3. APC 1100VA UPS – BX1100C

APC Back-UPS 1100VA, 230V | APC 1100va UPS | APC 1100va UPS Price

APC BX110C is one of the top UPS System you can buy to support your gaming system in the event of loss of power supply. It has 2 battery back-up and surge protector outlets. It has an output power capacity of 660W and has a battery run-time of 45 minutes.  This UPS System also regulates voltage fluctuations by stepping up voltage that is too low and stepping down voltage that is too high to levels that are acceptable. It comes with both visual and audio indicators that give you enough warning before you run out of power. The LCD graphic display shows ahead of time the timeline in which you need to replace your battery.

4. APC 600VA UPS – BX600C

APC Back-UPS 600VA, 230V | 600VA UPS & 600va ups price










APC BX600C-IN has a power output capacity of 360W. It has a battery back-up and surge protector outlets. Its input voltage range is 145-290V. It has audible alarm systems which can be modified according to your requirement, whether you want the alarm on or off. It is one of the best UPS Systems you can purchase to support your gaming system.

The above mentioned models of UPS Systems are compiled to give you a complete understanding of the kind of UPS System that you need to ensure a flawless and uninterrupted gaming time. Keep your mind free of worry as you begin your gaming experience with any of the above choices for they are assured to give you the best battery back-up ever.

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